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CECL Modelers

WA provides 90 million indexes and forecasts for lenders who want to be in the know.

CECL was created in reaction to the last crisis so lenders would be ready for this one. Weiss Analytics was founded after the failings of earlier indexing efforts by Case Shiller Weiss to warn regulators, rating agencies and lenders. WA has led the way with one- and three-year house level forecasts that, in January 2020, were already warning our clients of an impending downturn, which the covid-19 crisis will only worsen.

WA has now doubled its forecasting power with Continuous Ticker forecast adjustments using continuous feed closings. We forecast each month with unparalleled accuracy when markets will be up, down, and shifting direction.

Our forecast accuracy is proven in forward tests using forecasts archived last year with our clients as well as 20 year out of sample back tests. More information on accuracy testing is available here. Our complete CECL Package includes valuations and historical price indexes at the house level plus one and three year price forecasts, updated monthly.
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