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Mortgage Lenders

Keeping up with market conditions today is so difficult most lenders have opted
out of portfolio lending.
  • Low rates and the slower pace of sales are attracting first-time buyers.
  • Many temporarily unemployed home owners have considerable equity but will only be able to keep their homes if they can modify their mortgages.
  • Thousands of homeowners need to access their equity with a cash-out refi to see them through the worst of these times.
  • Meeting this demand requires continuous value tracking.
  • We can help you decide whether or not to modify a loan, approve a cash-out refi, determine which mortgages to keep, and make purchase loans that comply with the crisis-era guidance from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
Our analyses help reconcile the goals of prudently stimulating the economy while protecting shareholder interests and the stability of the banking system.
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