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NPL Traders

The supply of NPLs will grow as the pandemic sidelines more homeowners. Where is it safe to seize the opportunity?

WA's uniquely accurate valuations, house level price indexes and house level forecasts have given the smart quiet managers of $50 billion in assets an edge for over five years.

Now WA's 90 million property analytic foundation has been fitted with continuous feed closing and listing data to keep up with the pandemonium of the current market.

NPL investors who use WA gain the ability to see around the corner with Ticker Signals that are based on the prices today's sellers are willing to accept in each granular micro-market.

Access WA's market feeds one property or portfolio at a time with continuous update valuations and one year forecasts. Search and select markets using our metro and zip Cube database with trends and forecasts for 1,000 metros and 16,000 Zip codes, segmented in three dimensions so you know what markets to avoid and what opportunities to seize.
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