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Insights include access to all of our power tools.
ValPro, Dynamic Maps, Index Tools, Forecast Prices and Segmentation Reports - at property level, metro level and zip level

Weiss Insights- Single Metro
Includes 100 house reports
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Weiss Insights - Full Country
Includes 500 house reports
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Find discounted listings across the US
  • Updated daily*
  • Covering 700+ metros across US
  • Un-biased valuation estimates powered by 20 years of purchase history records
  • All the details you need - Asking price, Valuation, Forecast, Home size, Agent details, etc.
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If you pay $299 and create equity of $20,000 in one home investment, that's a return on investment of over 60x. Don't take our word. Try us free for 7 days. Only pay if you see our point.
*Disclaimer: Listings can be up to 4 days old. We are trying to cut down this lead time and we offer real-time access to listings in select states through our partners. Reach out to support if you're interested.