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Weiss Insights

Weiss produces accessible visualizations that simultaneously show you the whole market and key emerging trends. The data and visualizations help you see market vulnerabilities and strengths. The product features include
Weiss Maps dynamically illustrate historical and predictive trends, for metros and zip codes, from 18 years in the past to one year into the future. Weiss Maps reveal and forewarn of never before seen trends in markets, often showing waves of value changes moving across a geographic area like a weather event.

Each dot on a map represents one house, with each frame of the animation representing changes in value over a one month period. The dots are color coded, with green indicating increases in value, red indicating decreases, and darker shades indicating faster rates of change relative to lighter shades.
Past And Future
View reports showing historical changes and forecasts. Compare current and future LTV distributions
Interactive Index Tools
Create reports containing any combination of indexes at the metro, zip and property address level. You can also graph the time series of the percent of homes rising, to highlight shifting market conditions.
Line-by-Line Market Summary
Cube Reports present forecasts for metro areas and zip codes segmented by property type, age, size and home value, allowing users to quickly focus on the most promising market reports.
Segmentation Reports
Weiss Segmentation Reports can answer questions like "what to build", "what to buy", or "what to renovate" in a given market. Using these reports, a developer, investor, mortgage company, home buyer, or home owner can determine what kinds of homes are performing the strongest in a defined market and which attributes of a home drive the most value in that area.
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