Forecast LTV Reports

WA provides two services to benchmark your bank's mortgage LTVs against its market.
  • OPTION 1
    Public Record Search
    The WA Public Record Service requires no inputs from the bank. We look up every loan originated by the bank as recorded in public records, adjust the estimated value to the present and estimate current LTV by using amortization rates from prevailing interest rates at the time the loan was originated.
  • OPTION 2
    Bank Provided Portfolio
    WA's Bank Based System is software that is installed on a bank computer and pulls valuations and LTV's remotely from WA's database. This approach enables the bank to access the WA database and for the bank to append the data to its mortgage customers, checking account customers without need to send information to WA personnel. We employ best in class software security standards to assure bank privacy.
Either way, Weiss will provide a comparision of your portfolio to the general market. Along with Weiss custom analysis and benchmarking, you will also receive useful loan level data.