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Shopping for a Bargain

Everyone loves a bargain
This is especially so if the savings are significant and enable you to buy something you really want but did not think you could ever afford. With patience, diligence and maybe a little luck, now may be the time you have a shot at buying that dream house that was always out of reach.

The pandemic has brought much hardship. It may also have reduced the price of the home of your choice together with the cost of obtaining a mortgage for it. These two cost reductions may bring a previously out of reach dream house closer to reality. Weiss Analytics has a service that can increase your odds. We call it Listing Scan.

Listing Scan, available on WeissAnalytics.com, shows you house listings in a way you have never seen before.

Other listing sites show you photos and descriptions of houses, may provide estimated values, and may allow you to screen by house price and type. You can receive alerts when new houses come on to the market. But none of them bring the biggest potential bargains right to the top of the list.

If you want to search for bargains, you can labor through each listing, comparing the asking price to the site's value estimate, but there may be hundreds or even thousands of houses to look through. If the bargain is really a bargain, it will probably be gone by the time you find it.

List Scan eliminates this tedium because, with a single click, you can sort by how much the list price is below the WA estimated value of the house. All the best deals come right to the top. We cannot guarantee List Scan will find every bargain, and since we have not inspected the houses we don't know their condition. There will still be leg-work before you can know that the house is truly a bargain. But this time savings can make a difference. List Scan has been used by professional house buyers to quickly identify potential bargains and get sellers more quickly to the bargaining table.

We cannot guarantee our value estimates, and we encourage you to work with a real estate professional with local market expertise. It can also take a few days for new listing data to reach our site, so some houses that List Scan identifies may not still be available. But there is value in possibly finding a bargain, and we know everyone loves a bargain.

Weiss Analytics provides the next generation of home price indexing, forecasting, and
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Founded by national housing index expert Allan N. Weiss, co-founder of Case
Shiller Weiss, Weiss Analytics combines leading industry experience,
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"Don't be fooled by averages. You're buying a house, not the market."