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WA Ticker

Updated Weekly
WA Ticker™ is a weekly view of the housing market designed to keep up with the unusually rapid market changes caused by the Covid Pandemic.
Comprehensive metrics
Ticker shows you the health of each market with 8 weekly metrics.
Zoom in to micro-markets
Ticker reports are at the metro level and over 20,000 sub-markets. Use Ticker to keep appraisals and BPOs current, monitor the health of micro-markets and to select assets for purchase or sale.
Sample Ticker Reports
Ticker Metrics Available
Ticker includes information on Closed Sales and New Listings for 20,000 US micro-markets.
Closed Sales
Sales Volume
Median Discount if below WA BC
Percent of sales below WA-BC Value
Median Price Change from Before Covid: WA-BC Value*
New Listings
New Listing Volume
Median List Price vs WA-BC Value
Percent of New Listing below WA-BC Value
Median Listings Discount if below WA-BC Value
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