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  • Making lending decisions in this time of crisis.

    Keeping up with market conditions is so difficult most lenders have opted out of portfolio lending. Many temporarily unemployed homeowners have considerable equity, but will only be able to keep their homes if they can modify their mortgages... Read More
  • Is this the right time to sell, buy, or refinance?

    The coronavirus has put extraordinary financial pressure on millions of homeowners who have been furloughed or lost their jobs. How can they access the equity they have built up in their homes?... Read More
  • The supply of NPLs will grow as the pandemic sidelines more homeowners.

    NPL investors who use WA gain the ability to see around the corner with Ticker Signals that are based on prices today's sellers are willing to accept in each granular micro-market... Read More
  • WA provides 90 million indexes and forecasts for lenders who want to be in the know.

    WA has led the way with one- and three-year house level forecasts that, in January 2020, were already warning our clients of an impending downturn... Read More
  • Weiss data allows you find sub-markets with favorable investment conditions.

    Keeping up with market conditions today is so difficult most lenders have opted out of portfolio lending. But to opt out may be to miss some great opportunities... Read More
  • Is WeissAnalytics.com the only way to access WA intelligence?

    WA's offerings are also provided in bulk to large clients, who receive indexes, forecasts and valuations for 90 million residential properties every month. WA also provides its products on a match and append basis to investors that hold portfolios of properties or mortgages... Read More
  • FDIC and ICC regulators must have confidence that banks have sufficient reserves to handle potential losses during the COVID-19 pandemic, but how can they anticipate the market impact of such an unprecedented event?... Read More
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